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Men & Ladies who RIDE,

The Happy Valley Womens Cycling Team wants to change the status quo in our cycling community and have more women represented in cycling events and races. In most cycling races women represent barely ten percent of the registered riders. For our upcoming gravel race, Rothrock GRIT, we are working towards having 50% of the registrants be women. We have even reserved 150 of the 300 slots for women.


We are actively working with other cycling teams and clubs to promote our race, and as woman race directors we want to encourage more women to ride. It will be amazing to have many first time Gravel Grinders and racers at Grit.

We believe that men and women of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes can participate in our event. We want to empower women, increase their self-confidence, and reduce gender stereotypes. To ensure that men and women of all abilities can be successful at our race we are offering three different race lengths from 25 miles to 65 miles.

I hope that more women would like to partner with us and support more women cycling. We would love to have you share this with friends you ride with. We will not be able to hit our 50/50 Female/Male registration without women like you spreading the word. Also, we plan to donate 100% of our proceeds back to the community.

Thank You,

Tanya Hampton

Check this out on Bike Registration Website

Rothrock GRIT Gravel Grinder